Rogue Pressure Services Brings Unusual Color to Its Cause

If you're seeing pink where you wouldn't normally expect in the Western states, you're not color blind. A Colorado-based company has built the Pink Rig, a hydraulic workover unit with snubbing capabilities that is literally painted pink. Rogue Pressure Services is using the unusual color scheme in the gas and oil industry to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer research.

Rogue has partnered with The Breast Cancer Research Foundation and will donate 1 percent of revenue generated by use of the Pink Rig annually to the Foundation. The project has been dubbed Rigging Up Against Breast Cancer by Rogue employees and management.

Rogue says the uniquely colored rig is not a gimmick but instead a clear statement of its pledge to support breast cancer research and awareness.

"We are committed to championing the fight against this deadly disease," said Barry Peterson, co-owner of Rogue Pressure Services. "As a company, we wanted to find a way to give back; the more we spoke to our employees the more we realized that breast cancer is a cause that our company as a whole wants to fight. Almost everyone in our organization has been affected in one way or another by breast cancer."

The Pink Rig is believed to be the only pink hydraulic workover unit with snubbing capabilities in the world. The project was conceptualized by Rogue Pressure Services' Co-Owner Chris Tiller to draw attention to breast cancer awareness, research and education in the male-dominated gas and oil industry.

The Pink Rig, which has not yet been used, is a 12-foot stroke, four-legged hydraulic jack with a 3,000-PSI hydraulic system developing.

When laid down the Pink Rig, including the power pack, accumulator system, and miscellaneous tools, fits on a 53-foot drop deck semitrailer. It has a 30 U.S. gallon accumulator system complete with N2 backup. Its Stand Alone Rig Assist (S.A.R.A.) units have two separate accumulator systems, making possible class-two operations that do not need a second accumulator system for the primary blowout preventer stack. Additionally, it has a 5,000-pound rated tubing handling winch and eight-foot of usable blowout preventer space.

"We are excited to have the 'Pink Rig' and Rogue Pressure Services support The Breast Cancer Research Foundation and our mission to help save women's lives by providing critical funding for innovative clinical and translational research worldwide," said Myra Biblowit, president of The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. "We embrace the idea of generating greater awareness in a male-dominated industry, with this support for the wife, mother, sister, daughter and friend in finding a cure for breast cancer. It is a wonderful new way for our partners to help support the research we fund as well as increase public awareness about good breast health."