Elixir Reports on Pompano Workover Operation

Elixir Petroleum has provided an update on the workover of Well #1 at the Pompano Field. The workover operation is designed to remediate sand bridging which has occurred in the well and to shut off water production.

Since the last update the operator has advised that the sand present in both completion strings on Well #1 has been cleaned out utilizing coiled tubing. The 6700 sand has been treated with a chemical gravel pack which is designed to prevent further sand production and water isolation operations have taken place on the B sands via the long string.

At 15:00 (CST) on Monday, 28 September 2009 the operator reported that activities are underway to remove the fluids associated with the chemical gravel pack treatment in the 6700 sand. Thereafter, it is intended that preparations will commence for the re-perforation of the B

Operations are expected to take a further week to complete. While operations are underway, the Company will issue routine releases every Tuesday or at any such time that material matters require an earlier release.