R&M Energy Systems Releases New Line of Rod Guides

R&M Energy Systems recently launched a new line of rod guides for progressing cavity downhole pumping applications. The New Era® Pathfinder High Performance Rod Guides extend the life of the rods and tubing, reduce pressure drop and premature wear from sand, increase production and reduce costs.

The unique spin-thru design of the New Era Pathfinder rod guide allows fluid to easily flow through four distinct channels that are molded directly into the rod guide sleeve. This flow path reduces pressure drop by allowing fluid to flow through the rod guide rather than limiting flow to the space around it. In sandy applications, this active flow path keeps solids from embedding between the rotating sleeve and the stationary guide to reduce premature rod guide wear.

New Era Pathfinder rod guides also reduce the torque that is generated by the mechanical and hydraulic friction of conventional rod guides that are fixed to the rotating rod string. Additional features and benefits include:

  • Spin-thru design consisting of a four-channeled inside sleeve and a separate, three-fin stationary outside sleeve
  • Fits rod sizes from 5/8" to 1" and tubing sizes from 2-7/8" to 3-1/2"
  • Handles temperatures to 180°F
  • Ideal for sandy well conditions
  • Extra material added to offset channels and R&M Energy's proprietary SanGard material increase guide life

R&M Energy Systems can recommend the proper rod guide design, material, spacing and auxiliary equipment for both beam and progressing cavity pump applications using its proprietary Rod Guide Advisory Program (RGAP) software along with its years of well monitoring and performance tracking. Wellbore deviations, dynamometer readings, workover histories, well operating conditions, completion information and production data, are all used to properly select the most effective New Era rod guide design, material and spacing for each well.