Sandvik Introduces New Bright Finish Slicklines

A new innovative range of bright finish slicklines is being introduced by Sandvik Materials Technology, as part of its continuous product development program, complementing the successful wirelines range and offering significant benefits over traditional matt surface lines.

Development and introduction of the new bright surface slicklines offers greater life expectancy than traditional matt finish lines, with extensive tests showing that the product provides significantly better fatigue resistance by over 15%. This results in fewer lines having to be replaced, offering operational cost savings.

Savings can also be made on spooling and installation costs, whilst the properties of the bright surface slickline mean that the low friction experienced will also improve the life expectancy of pulleys, sheaves and counters.

Used in demanding conditions to lower heavy tools and instruments into oil and gas wells, Sandvik wirelines traditionally have high corrosion-resistance, high mechanical strength and uniform tensile properties.

Due to the nature and type of applications that slicklines encounter, even alloy lines can, over prolonged periods, become susceptible to corrosive attack from the harsh environments in which they are used. These new bright finish slicklines with their smooth surfaces significantly reduce microscopic pores, which can lead to pitting, especially on the section of the line exposed to the aggressive conditions encountered in the deepest part of a well.

The bright, smooth finish of the Sandvik slicklines also reduces friction in the stuffing box, which is often a contributing factor to the occurrence of 'wire wool.' This phenomenon can cause difficulties for slickline operators. Introduction of the bright finish lines will help eliminate this.

The bright drawing process almost entirely avoids fissures greatly reducing the risk of fatigue, which, in time, can lead to fissures becoming deeper and larger, eventually causing a line to fail. As part of the development process the bright lines were subjected to extensive Critical Pitting Temperature (CPT) testing with the CPT found to be significantly higher for bright lines over traditional lines. This increased CPT means the bright finish lines are much more able to resist corrosion in the aggressive environments and elevated temperatures found in the most demanding well applications, further helping to extend the life of the slicklines.

Sandvik Materials Technology is constantly aiming to develop new and improved products to increase productivity, profitability and efficiency for its customers. Bright surface slicklines meet all the criteria as well as providing a longer operational life and a higher safety performance capability.