PSA Gives Go-Ahead for Modifications on Oseberg B

The Petroleum Safety Authority Norway has granted consent for upgrades of the drilling module on the Oseberg B facility.

StatoilHydro, on behalf of the licensees in Oseberg, has been granted consent to upgrade the drilling module on the Oseberg B facility.

The consent applies to extensive modifications to the facility's drilling module. The following main activities are planned:

  • Clearing and preparing areas and systems
  • Demolition of existing equipment and systems
  • Pre-fabrication and procurement of new/modified equipment
  • Testing of equipment
  • Shipping and transportation
  • Installation and connection work
  • Completion
  • Operations preparations and start-up of operations

According to StatoilHydro the modifications will improve the working environment, safety and regularity, as well as extend the lifespan of the installation.

Aker Offshore Partner has been awarded the main contract (EPCI) for the project.

Both equipment and systems offshore will be upgraded. This work includes:

  • Upgrade of the drilling control system
  • Change from operating with direct current to operating with alternating current on the main equipment
  • Upgrade of the HVAC systems
  • Replacement of the pipe handling system
  • Replacement of driller’s cabin and control sheds
  • Replacement of drawworks
  • Replacement of catwalk machine
  • Replacement of shakers and improvement of the working environment in the shaker area
  • Replacement of cuttings slurrification unit (CRI) with a new remote controlled unit
  • Replacement of cement unit with a new remote controlled unit
  • Replacement and upgrade of mud pumps
  • Remote control of mud mixer and mud transfer valves
  • Replacement of the BOP crane (crane for lifting of safety valve against blowouts)
  • Installation of the sack cutting station

According to StatoilHydro there will be focus on reducing the drilling module's down time throughout the project.

According to the plan, the upgrade of the drilling module will be completed by the summer of 2013.