Former Barclays Exec Joins Gold Star's Board

Gold Star Resources Corp. on Tuesday announced that John King Burns, a former Managing Director and Global Head of Structured Derivative Finance for Barclays Metals Group, Barclays Bank PLC, London, has been appointed to its Board of Directors.

Burns is an experienced international executive in the global resource sector and is currently a director of Hunter Energy LLC, in Centennial Colorado, a director of NuCoal Energy Corp in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Senior Project Advisor to Potomac Asset Management Co, in Frederick Maryland, and a director of NovaDx Ventures Corp, a publicly traded investment firm that provides capital investment, investment banking, financial and business advisory services to early-stage natural resource exploration companies.

Gold Star Resources is a Vancouver-based energy resource company that is currently targeting high impact, oil and gas opportunities in the petroleum systems throughout West Africa, including Liberia, Cote d'Ivoire, Ghana, and other African countries which have shown increased promise for the development of new hydrocarbon deposits.

Burns has extensive experience in the global resource sector from previous positions with Frontier Risk Management based in Chicago, Illinois, Northern Orion Resources in Vancouver, Canada, and Athabasca Potash Inc. in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and is a former Vice President and Chief Financial Officer with Drexel Burnham Lambert Commodity Group in New York.

Burns joins recent board appointments Charles de Chezelles, L.L.B., James Dick B.A. Honors Geology, and Robert Dinning C.A. to a restructured Board of Directors that brings a variety of international experience as the Company focuses on development of new resource opportunities on the African continent and aggressively pursues the acquisition of onshore oil and gas properties throughout the entire continent of Africa.

Gold Star Resources Corp. is a Canadian exploration company focused on high-impact onshore opportunities in the petroleum systems of West Africa.