Cirrus Updates on M7-A, L-8 Gas Production in Dutch North Sea

Cirrus has provided an operational update for its M7-A and L-8 gas field, located on Blocks L8, L8b and L11b offshore the Netherlands in the Dutch North Sea.

M7-A Field (Cirrus 42.75%, operator)

Since startup on September 12, 2009, production from the M7-A field has been steady at between 21.4 and 22.4 MMscf/d gross as per the contractually agreed maximum processing and transportation capacity at the L09-FF platform with well M7-A1X producing at a FWHP of 4,524 psig. Gas from the M7-A field is processed at the L09-FF platform which has a scheduled three day shutdown later this year. No other shutdowns are currently scheduled until next summer.

L8-D Development Project (Cirrus 25.5%, operator)

The Noble Lynda Bossler jackup drilling rig arrived at the L11b-A platform location on September 18 and the second appraisal/development well on the L8-D field is expected to spud on or about September 22. The well (called L11b-A07) is expected to take 90 days to drill and, if successful, test and complete.

Preparations for L8-D field production to commence from the existing L11b-A06 well on the L11b-A platform are proceeding on schedule with first production expected in early October, 2009. It is planned to conduct concurrent production and drilling operations at the L11b-A platform.