Origin, AWE Strike Gas Onshore Northern Perth Basin

Origin Energy, on behalf of the L11 Joint Venture, advised that the exploration well Redback South 1 reached a total depth of 3934 mMD (3753 mTVDSS) on September 17 after intersecting the Wagina Sandstone reservoir objective at a depth of 3882.5 mMD (3701.5 mTVDSS).

Wireline log and pressure data indicate the presence of gas in the uppermost Wagina Sandstone. Gas samples have been recovered from the reservoir and preliminary analyses indicate gas composition to be similar to that seen in the nearby Beharra Springs gas field. Reservoir
development in the Wagina Sandstone is also comparable with that in the Beharra Springs field, despite this reservoir having been encountered some 400 m deeper. The commercial significance of this discovery is dependent on further evaluation including testing to determine the gas flow rate. The well is located approximately 2.2 kilometres northeast of the Beharra Springs Gas Plant.

Partners in the L11 Joint Venture consist of Origin Energy Developments Pty Ltd (67.0%), a wholly owned subsidiary of Origin Energy Limited, and Australian Worldwide Exploration Ltd (33.0%).