Meridian's Prospective Resources in Australia Up 300MM Barrels

Meridian Petroleum has reported an increase in prospective resources in Australia.

PEL 82 License, South Australia

Primary Industries and Resources, South Australia ("PIRSA") has formally offered to renew the PEL 82 license to Meridian for a further 5 year period. The work program agreed with PIRSA provides for further geological and seismic interpretation and evaluation, and the drilling of 2 wells. Meridian's proposed area for the compulsory 50% relinquishment was also accepted by PIRSA. The PEL 82 license area will now be 137 square kilometres and retains all of the identified major structures.

In addition to the 10 Waarre/Flaxman traps identified by the 3D seismic interpretation, initial evaluation of a structural high trend located north of the 3D area has been completed. Although existing seismic coverage of this northern part of PEL 82 is very sparse, two potential structural closures have now been mapped. Volumetric calculations based on the limited seismic data indicate that these structures have the potential to be significantly larger than those within the 3D area. Preliminary calculations indicate a potential hydrocarbon resource* of 300 million bbls of oil or 450 bcf of gas, or some combination of both. This brings the total resource estimate for the renewed PEL 82 licence area to 430 million bbls of oil or 630 bcf of gas.

Stephen Gutteridge, Chairman of Meridian, said, "Our investment in the PEL 82 license in Australia represented a significant commitment for a company of our size, but the major transformational potential now identified has confirmed the value of that investment. Our discussions with potential partners for the drilling of PEL 82 have been encouraging and our position is further strengthened by the confirmation of license renewal and the bonus of further significant prospectivity."