OGDC Strikes Again, Finds Oil and Gas at Dakhni Onshore Pakistan

OGDC has encountered oil and gas in the Dakhni Well No. 11, located in the Dakhni Mining Lease. Although Dakhni Well No. 11 is a development well, it is first time that Shinwari / Samanasuk formations have been successfully tested for oil and gas. The well is located in District Attock of Punjab Province. The surface coordiantes of the well are 33◦-23'-40.009" N (latitude) and 71◦-54-27.880" E (longitude).

The Dakhni well was spudded on July 18, 2008 and was drilled down to the depth of 4,844 meters. The main objective of drilling is to test the potentials of Chorgali, Sakessar, Lockhart, Patala, Samanasuk, Shinwari, Datta & Kingriali formations. After testing Kingriali and Datta, oil and gas has been encountered in Shinwari / Samanasuk formations of Jurassic age.

The well flowed an inital rate of 95 bopd and 3.06 MMscfd from a 32/64" choke. Gas BTU/MCF was 1,061.37 and WHFP (PSI) was 600.