Wood Group Offers New Well Cement Bond Logging Service

Wood Group Logging Services has introduced a new cement bond evaluation service designed for deeper wells with wellbore conditions up to 500° F (260° C) and 30,000 psi of hydrostatic borehole pressure.

The service is accomplished in a single well logging run by using a new 360° radial measurement that identifies potential channelling, void areas around the casing and inadequate bonding. The resulting evaluation confirms intervals of good cement bond that adequately isolate zones, and minimizes nonessential remedial cementing.

"This new cement bond evaluation service is expedient and cost-effective, and builds upon our reputation for providing outstanding service in hostile downhole conditions" stated John Paul Jones, president of Wood Group Logging Services. "The service expands the operating range for cement bond evaluation and will enable our clients to make better informed decisions on deep high value wells."