Boots & Coots Acquires Jet Cutting Systems from Halliburton

Boots & Coots has entered into an agreement to purchase Halliburton Company's external abrasive jet cutting systems.

"We have worked in conjunction with Halliburton for several years coordinating the jet cutter in emergency response efforts both domestically and internationally," said Jerry Winchester, chief executive officer of Boots & Coots. "The abrasive jet cutter is an important tool in our firefighting and blowout response business. We use it extensively as a method to cut damaged wellhead or pressure control equipment, decreasing the time personnel are in hazardous environments. The abrasive jet cutter is a time saving device that is safe to operate and brings significant value to customers by decreasing both the time to remove debris and the overall time to get the well back under control."

The abrasive jet cutting system was developed by Halliburton in 1991 to assist firefighting crews in Kuwait battle more than seven hundred fires left after the Iraq invasion. The external abrasive jet cutter is designed to be easily positioned on a burning well; the system utilizes sand and water to abrade the wellhead or surface equipment thus allowing the well to flow in a vertical direction, making it possible to extinguish the fire with water. Once the fire is out the well can then be capped.

"The abrasive jet cutter was credited by many as the single most significant tool to shorten the amount of time taken to control all the burning wells in Kuwait," said David King, President, Completion and Production division of Halliburton. "Originally speculated to take a minimum of five years to gain control of the wells, with the aid of the abrasive jet cutter it took only nine months."

Following the acquisition, the abrasive jet cutting systems will be strategically positioned in locations around the world.