Nighthawk Energy Obtains OTCQX Quotation in United States

Nighthawk Energy has announced a number of corporate initiatives given the increasing interest in the Company within the United States.

Nighthawk has obtained a quotation on the OTCQX International platform. The OTCQX quotation, which will take effect today the September 14, 2009, is complementary to Nighthawk's London Stock Exchange AIM quotation, which will continue to serve as the principal trading platform for the Company's ordinary shares.

In addition, under a separate agreement, Nighthawk has engaged SMH Capital Inc., the broker-dealer subsidiary of Sanders Morris Harris Group, to serve as the Principal American Liaison ("PAL") in connection with Nighthawk's OTCQX quotation, providing capital markets advisory, strategic investor communication, in-depth company research, analysis and trading monitoring services.

The Company has also undertaken a Level 1 American Depository Receipt ("ADR") program (20 ordinary shares to 1 ADR) fully sponsored by The Bank of New York Mellon. The ADR's will be created using the existing issued share capital of the Company.

Nighthawk has appointed Financial Dynamics Limited to enhance the Company's communication with analysts and institutional investors, both in the US and UK, as the Company expands.

David Bramhill, CEO of Nighthawk, stated, "Quotation on the OTCQX International market and the establishment of the ADR program will facilitate ownership for a broader range of investors.

"We are pleased to be working with The Bank of New York Mellon, SMH Capital and Financial Dynamics and we are confident that their expertise and capabilities will assist in driving our strategy forwards with our existing advisers on both sides of the Atlantic."