Latent's Drilling Services Portfolio Expands to Norway

Latent Ltd's portfolio of drilling related work has now expanded to include contracts for Seawell in Norway. Seawell appointed Latent to complete a criticality analysis of their new office containers for installation onto BP’s Ula platform. This was required to ensure that all safety critical elements were correctly identified and included in the platform's maintenance system (WorkMate). This is crucial to maintaining a robust Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) and Integrity Assurance strategy. Working to a very tight schedule, Latent carried out analysis of all safety critical elements on time and on budget.

Seawell also commissioned Latent Ltd to review existing maintenance belonging to Halliburton, who maintain and operate the BP Ula's Cement Unit, to ensure it conformed to BP's doctrine. This study entailed a review of the equipment's maintenance and how the strategies were developed, and a comparison with the BP Criticality Procedures to determine whether the intent of the BP process had been followed. This type of activity demands a very close working relationship with the department under scrutiny, and Halliburton's positive and cooperative approach ultimately ensured accurate conclusions could be made, and BP's satisfaction that Halliburton had indeed met the intent of the BP Procedure.

The contract with Stena Drilling forms part of an ongoing relationship with Latent and involved a maintenance review on Stena Drilling's latest DrillMAX drillship the Stena Forth and a Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) of the vessel's ballast system. A thorough analysis was carried out and resulted in the adaptation of strategies and procedures to prevent failures and avoid maintenance downtime, therefore leading to considerable cost savings.

Latent Ltd have also provided data migration services to Dolphin Drilling, where legacy Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) data has been extracted, verified and reformatted for input to a new CMMS. As is often the case, working with legacy systems is fraught with problems and demands a keen eye for detail. The introduction of a new CMMS is a small part of Dolphin Drilling's evolution of their maintenance management strategy.

Peter Adam, Operations' Manager of Latent, said, "In the current climate, value has become increasingly important. Using our expertise in maintenance we are able to provide our clients with a solution that improves reliability, productivity and balanced OPEX. In any project we work closely with our clients to carry out a full analysis and review of their systems."

"The contracts we have secured in the drilling sector are a result of repeat business and referrals from clients who have been highly satisfied with the work we have produced. The latest contract award from Seawell has helped to further strengthen Latent's position in this sector."