Petrobras, Schlumberger Sign Agreement for Pre-Salt Research Center

The outcome of a technological cooperation agreement signed with Petrobras, the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and multinational outfit Schlumberger signed the contract for the construction of an international research center for pre-salt technologies. The center will be built in the UFRJ's Technological Park, in a 8,000-square-meter area next to the COPPE'S "Ocean Lab."

Bringing this center to Brazil is part of a Petrobras strategy designed to advance the formation of a cutting-edge technological park in the country that involves the synergy of three elements: the increase in the experimental infrastructure of Petrobras itself; investments in Brazilian universities and research institutes to build new laboratories that comply with international standards of excellence; and attracting strategic Petrobras suppliers to take part in activities aimed at developing technology.

"Partnerships among Petrobras, universities and suppliers are already traditional. With the pre-salt, this synergy will increase even more and benefit not only Petrobras, but all other parties involved. Schlumberger is the first of many service companies to establish its research center in Brazil. We hope others will follow suit, and negotiations in this regard are already in progress," said Cenpes executive manager Carlos Tadeu Fraga.

Schlumberger will focus on developing new technologies for the oil and gas industry in Brazil. It will direct its activities towards three main areas: developing geosciences software for the exploration and production sector; creating new technologies to face the challenges of producing and characterizing reservoirs in the pre-salt; and building a center of excellence in geophysical processing and interpretation which will also encompass 4D and seismic and electromagnetic measurement technologies.

To Mauricio Guedes, the director of UFRJ's Technological Park, the arrival of a multinational partner adds even more value to the research, development and innovation network located on the University City campus. In addition to solutions to face the technological challenges brought-on by the pre-salt, major opportunities will be generated for smaller technologically-based outfits and for academic research at the university.

Schlumberger's CEO for Latin America, Cesar Jaime, emphasized Brazil was ed from among other countries "on account of the highly-qualified professional talents coming from renowned universities, because of the great availability of suppliers of cutting-edge technology, and due to the challenges introduced by the reservoirs located in the pre-salt."