TerraSpark Geosciences Makes Breakthrough in 3D Interpretation

TerraSpark Geosciences has announced major enhancements to its Insight Earth® Automated Fault Extraction™ (AFE™) algorithms that will drive the oil and gas exploration and development community closer to its goal of an 80 percent solution for automatic fault imaging and interpretation. These improved algorithms represent an innovation that ultimately will improve exploration efficiency and accuracy, and further reduce the timeline for exploration and development.

These AFE enhancements utilize new, proprietary algorithms to improve Insight Earth's fault imaging. A new Edge-Stack™ algorithm improves the imaging of faults through combined compensation for horizon and fault dip and strike. A new Fault Enhance™ algorithm with noise reduction is capable of imaging faults with dips ranging from vertical to within 5 degrees of horizontal with more than an order-of-magnitude improvement in signal-to-noise ratio. New fault tracking algorithms guided by fault strike and dip volumes substantially improve the quality of the extracted fault surfaces.

"These enhancements provide more than an order-of-magnitude improvement in fault imaging and automatic fault interpretation, and will help exploration and development companies achieve superior outcomes and make the best possible decisions in exploration and development planning," said Geoffrey Dorn, Ph.D., President of TerraSpark. "These enhancements also put our industry ever closer to the goal of achieving an 80 percent automatic fault interpretation solution, which enables interpreters to spend more time thinking about and developing a prospect, instead of spending time manually interpreting fault surfaces."

These enhancements will also help interpreters reduce risk by improving the accuracy and reliability of interpreted faults; faults cannot be reliably interpreted unless they can first be accurately imaged. Using AFE applications powered with industry-leading algorithms represents the best means of achieving accurate 3-D interpretation. By combining compensation for both horizon and fault dip and strike, Insight Earth's AFE enhancements provide the industry's strongest capability for automatically extracted fault images, many of which would be missed by competing interpretation systems.

Members of TerraSpark's Geoscience Interpretation Visualization Consortium observed that "TerraSpark's newest improvements in AFE move its industry-leading automatic fault interpretation in Insight Earth years ahead of the rest of the industry."

TerraSpark's Insight Earth is the company's flagship 3-D interpretation platform that provides revolutionary interpretation technologies to companies engaged in exploration and development of hydrocarbons. Insight Earth exemplifies the company's "True Volume" ethos, through which TerraSpark enables users to achieve "true volume interpretation" of seismic data (i.e., all-at-once interpretation of complete three-dimensional surfaces) at every stage of the interpretation workflow.