Origin Currently Drilling Redback South 1 Sidetrack

Origin Energy, on behalf of the L11 Joint Venture parties, advised that the Weatherford drilling rig 826 is currently drilling the Redback South 1 exploration well. This well is being drilled as a sidetrack from the Redback 1 wellbore. Drilling in the sidetrack hole commenced on August 25 at a depth of 2007mMD, and 7" casing was set at 3,136.5mMD on September 1.

At 0600 hours Western Standard Time today, the well was drilling ahead at 3,633mMD.

Located in the North Perth Basin, Redback South 1 is being drilled as a directional well to intersect the reservoir interval approximately 570 meters SSE of the Redback 1 location at a vertical depth of 3,685 meters sub-sea. The major fault compartment being targeted by this well is on the downthrown side of a fault immediately south of the Redback 1 well, with closure independent of the Redback 1 structure.