Ithaca Gears Up to Drill Injector Well at Jacky Field

Ithaca Energy announced that the Ensco 80 jackup drilling rig has been mobilized to the Jacky Field to drill the injector well as planned.

The Ensco 80 jackup was mobilized to the Jacky Field on Wednesday, September 9th to drill a water injection well that will support continued production though 2010 and beyond. The drilling and completion of the well is scheduled to last approximately 55 days.

Ithaca can also confirm that Jacky Field production continues to perform well and that the combined average levels of production for the Beatrice Complex seen in July have been maintained throughout August at 11,578 barrels of oil per day. Despite continued high production levels of 'dry' oil from Jacky, reservoir pressure has continued to decline, as predicted, and it is now prudent and good production management to intervene and provide pressure support by water injection.

After the successful completion of the Jacky injection well, the Ensco 80 rig will be moved to the Beatrice Bravo facility where it will conduct up to two well interventions; this is expected to result in increased oil production levels. At the same time, the water injection system at Beatrice Bravo will be re-instated as part of a long term plan to support and increase the overall production from the Beatrice Complex.

On conclusion of the drilling and commissioning of the Jacky injection well, Ithaca shall seek an updated Independent Reserves Audit report on field reserves in order to reflect the performance of the field to date.

Partners in the Jacky field are Ithaca (47.5%), Dyas UK Ltd (42.5%) and North Sea Energy (UK) Ltd (10%). Partners in the Beatrice Field, including Beatrice Bravo are Ithaca (50%) and Dyas UK Ltd (50%).