Nautronix Appoints New Director of Commercial, Human Resources

Nautronix has appointed Lynne Adu as Director of Commercial and Human Resources.

Lynne joined Nautronix as Commercial Manager in November 2008 and has over 20 years experience in the oil and gas industry. In her new role she will contribute to the strategic direction of the company and the new position will allow key alterations to be made to the current reporting structure, aiding the company moving forward.

Managing Director Mark Patterson said, "Since joining the company Lynne has clearly proved that she will be a strong asset to the Directors team. With her solid work ethic and drive she will bring additional skills to complement those which are already present."

A recent strategic review clearly highlighted the potential growth for Nautronix over the next three years and as such this appointment significantly strengthens the company’s ability to deal with anticipated business going forward.

This appointment also has a positive impact on the company's Sales focus, as Director of Sales John MacLeod will now have more time to lead the external sales team to exploit the global demand for Nautronix products and services.

In addition management discussions highlighted the need for clearer direction for the company’s Human Resources department and Lynne's new role will cater for this providing a more efficient reporting line.

Patterson said, "We have a very clear aim for Nautronix over the next three years; there are significant opportunities for NASNet® and our NASCoM technology so we are setting the business into a solid position to cater for this. I am confident that Lynne's new role will assist us in growing the business over the next few years."