Elastopipe Offers Corrosion-Free Performance for Hydrocarbon Transport

Trelleborg Offshore has launched ELASTOPIPE™ FOR (Fire & Oil Resistant), an upgraded version of its successful synthetic rubber-based flexible piping system. ELASTOPIPE FOR is specially engineered for transport of organic media, extending the use of the already-established, unique ELASTOPIPE technology into hydrocarbon processing and other utility services.

ELASTOPIPE FOR incorporates a specially-developed polymer-based lining material developed to achieve exceptional resistance against degradation by hydrocarbons, and achieving a 30-year lifetime performance. The product has been more than ten years in development.

ELASTOPIPE's proven advantages over conventional rigid pipes have already made it an established solution for seawater-based deluge and sprinkler systems due to its corrosion-free and fire resistant performance with minimal maintenance and lower installation costs. ELASTOPIPE achieves 24/7 availability with considerably less need for testing, and reduced maintenance costs.

ELASTOPIPE FOR offers significant weight advantages over steel. Its ease and speed of installation make it suitable for fixed and floating platforms, for transfer to and from support vessels and onshore oil & gas installations. ELASTOPIPE FOR is suitable for H2S ventilation lines, produced water, open and closed drains, waste dump lines, and many other applications.

"ELASTOPIPE FOR avoids the replacement problems of corroding steel pipework, achieving a higher grade of safety, and much lower total installation and maintenance costs. It makes economic sense in both new or replacement installations," commented Jan-Hugo Nilssen, Sales & Marketing Manager for Trelleborg Offshore Norway AS.

ELASTOPIPE FOR has been fully qualified by Trelleborg R&D over more than two years with accelerated testing between -30 degrees C and +100 degrees C/ -22 degrees F and +212 degrees F.

Testing was conducted in cooperation with Statoil-Hydro and Shell on a range of organic chemicals.

ELASTOPIPE FOR is explosion, impact and jet fire resistant, has reduced weight compared to steel systems, and is maintenance free. Like all ELASTOPIPE systems, ELASTOPIPE FOR is quick and easy to install, even in confined spaces and requires no hot work so reducing the hazards associated with welding and metal cutting. Parts of the system can be pre-fabricated onshore, to save costly installation time offshore.