FMC Opens New Global Technology Center

With a focus on pioneering the next generation of subsea solutions, FMC Technologies is expanding its R&D network with the addition of a new Global Technology Center. The Center was constructed on FMC's Houston campus and will enhance the company's ability to develop innovative equipment and services for customers worldwide. The building will house product technical management teams and core technology groups made up of a variety of experts including: mechanical and electrical engineers, designers, metallurgists, material scientists, chemists, welding engineers, and other specialists required for the design and verification of high performance deepwater equipment.

"It's an important step that FMC has taken to invest in the future through continued technology development," said Brad Beitler, Director of Technology for FMC's Energy Production Systems. "Developing our products and systems with direct input from our customers has been, and will continue to be, one of the keys to our success."

The facility provides engineers and researchers with cutting edge tools to strengthen global collaboration, enhance communication and productivity, and increase efficiency. To support teamwork and creativity among engineers, the Center has several state-of-the-art videoconferencing suites to connect teams around the globe, as well as "visualization rooms" equipped with large, high-definition monitors to display 3D animations and designs. The building also houses a new training center where FMC will strengthen its existing engineering talent and accelerate the development of new engineers.

Among many activities, specialist teams in this location will support the company's global commitment to developing the leading edge technologies necessary to produce hydrocarbons from high pressure/high temperature (HP/HT) reservoirs, and ultra-deepwater fields. In addition, the Center will serve as FMC's global hub for the development of concepts and hardware that can significantly reduce the total cost of ownership of onshore, offshore and subsea fields during their producing life. FMC is confident that this expansion will strengthen its capabilities to address the industry's most difficult challenges.