FoundOcean Introduces Own Range of Specialist Grouts

FoundOcean, the world leader in the provision of premium quality structural and pipeline grouting services for the worldwide subsea industries, is introducing its own range of specialist grouts.

FoundOcean can offer a full range of grout strengths to cover a variety of uses:

  • FOcrete 100/130 --an ultra high strength grout used for grouting wind turbine monopiles. Also used for member filling of older offshore platforms to improve member strength and increase service life. Low viscosity allows pumping through 2-inch hoses at rates of up to 10m³ per hour.
  • FOcrete 80 -- a high strength pure grout used for many years in platform pile/sleeve connections where the design requires short sleeves with large in-service loads. Also used in structural repair clamps where high strength, low viscosity and reliable void filling is essential. Can be mixed at rates of up to 20m³ per hour.
  • FOcrete 55 -- the original "industry standard" grout commonly used for main leg grouting of shallow water platforms, where high strengths are not needed. Can be injected using conventional displacement of pressure grouting techniques. Also used for filling fabric formwork pipeline supports.
  • FOcrete 2 -- an ultra low strength grout which has the characteristics of astiff clay when set. Used for underbase grouting or pipeline tunnel filling where soil-like properties are required. Low cement content means that large volumes can be produced using small cement quantities.

Managing Director Jim Bell said, "This is an important step for us and for our customers. FoundOcean is now a one-stop shop for both materials and services, so clients can be assured that the grout they are using has the same high quality as all our services."