Atwood Oceanics Elects New Director

Atwood Oceanics announced that on September 3, 2009, its Board of Directors elected Jack E. Golden as a director of the Company in accordance with the Second Amended and Restated By-Laws, as amended, with such election to be effective September 4, 2009. Mr. Golden was elected to fill a vacancy on the Board of Directors, so that after the election of Mr. Golden, the Board of Directors will be seven members.

Mr. Golden, 60, resides in Spicewood, Texas. Until his retirement in 2005, Mr. Golden was employed by British Petroleum ("BP") from 1982 through 2005, where he served in various executive capacities including Group Vice President. As Group Vice President, he directed significant portions of BP's global exploration and production operations. He is currently managing partner of Edgewater Energy Partners and is an advisor to the Board of Directors of Cobalt International, a private exploration and production company.