JayHawk Retains Marshall Diamond-Goldberg as President

JayHawk Energy's CEO Lindsay Gorrill has retained Marshall Diamond-Goldberg as its President. Mr. Diamond-Goldberg will report directly Mr. Gorrill.

Since his election to JayHawk's board of directors in August 2008 Mr. Diamond-Goldberg, has provided technical guidance to the Company. In the position of President, Diamond-Goldberg will oversee the development of JayHawk's North Dakota oil property, where he has determined significant growth potential exists.

Mr. Diamond-Goldberg brings 27 years of oil and gas experience to the Company; the past 14 years of which have seen him grow and lead four different start-up companies to their ultimate sale and positive return for investors. He has a solid track record of exploration and development success with a strong background in risk management and economic analysis. As the Company begins its transition from shallow gas activity to growth in its high return oil portfolio, the addition of Mr. Diamond-Goldberg as President will underscore the Company’s desire to achieve growth and value for its shareholders.