Integra Adds New Grapple to Decommissioning Service Line

Recognized in the industry for their BTC Undersea Cutting System, INTEGRA has now added The Claw to their Decommissioning service line -- a 40,000 ton capacity Grapple -- which is proving to be a success.

Hurricane forced winds tipped a platform onto its side, damaging the platform and spilling all the equipment off the top deck into the sea. The well was killed and the platform owner needed the area cleared of all obstruction as fast and as safe as possible.

The owner of the platform contacted INTEGRA to use their CLAW to remove the wreckage. The CLAW carried out 291 lifts in a short time period ranging from 8" to 42" diameter and up to 150ft sections, some items weighing up to 40 ton. Items that were removed off the sea bed included pipes, grates, railings even lifting up an entire crane cab which weighed 20 ton.

"The job went well and with few difficulties. The equipment showed its strength…we had several lifts that were just amazing to see," commented an offshore technician.

The CLAW is designed to pick up debris from the ocean floor without the need of attaching slings, allowing the diver to stay away from fallen, unstable wreckage. An ROV can also be used to position The CLAW while keeping personnel at a safe distance. It is operated by the accompanying power unit located on the vessel. The power unit is connected by means of umbilical hoses running from the power unit to a hydraulic powered hose reel.

The CLAW has a rated capacity of 40 tons and is rated for picking up pipe or casing up to 48" diameter.