StatoilHydro Cites Record Year for Apprenticeship Program

The number of applications to StatoilHydro's apprenticeship program is record high. 168 of 1500 applicants have passed through the eye of the needle.

StatoilHydro is presently one of the companies in Norway with most apprentices and every autumn the company takes on apprentices from the whole country.

Onshore and Offshore

A good 60% of them are offered an apprenticeship at one of the company's onshore facilities and almost 40% are given offshore assignments.

"The apprenticeship program is important to ensure the expertise needs of tomorrow," said Jens. R Jenssen, senior vice president for corporate human resources. "StatoilHydro finds it important to take on as many apprentices as possible and help them qualify for their certificates of apprenticeship. We therefore have a good tradition for taking on more candidates than the company needs for its own recruitment."

"Locally we see a good interaction between our places of apprenticeship and the local schools which provide us with clever candidates suited to our needs," continued Jenssen. "Our presence helps stimulate the local interest in the various disciplines included in the program."

Long-term Effort

"Working much with apprentices we know that this is a long-term effort, and we are pleased to see that the company maintains its steady course also this year as the number of new apprentices is on the same level as that of the past years," said Else Sorstronen Amundsen, responsible for recruitment and head of the apprentice team in Bergen.

"I am pleased to note the good results of our effort relating to the apprentices, who see StatoilHydro as a good and attractive company for their training," said Amundsen.

Stays in the Company

In their training period in the company the apprentices continue their theoretical and practical competence training at a high level. Many of the candidates are offered a job in the company. Apprentices who have passed their qualifying examination after completing their training in the company are entitled to a job in StatoilHydro for two years following their training period.

"We also encourage our apprentices to continue their theoretical education and we have special support programs for apprenticeship candidates who want to take supplementary studies qualifying for higher education in engineering or other disciplines," said Jens R Jenssen.