TGS-NOPEC to Acquire Louisiana Shelf 3D Seismic Data

TGS-NOPEC Geophysical will acquire a substantial new multi-client 3D survey located along the offshore Louisiana shelf. Having received sufficient industry pre-funding for the program, TGS-NOPEC plans to begin field operations in September 2003.

This ambitious project, called "Deep Resolve", will initiate a new era of modern 3D seismic data along the Southern Additions of the Louisiana Outer Continental Shelf. For the last several years the multi-client seismic data industry has focused primarily on the deepwater areas of the Gulf of Mexico, but the Louisiana shelf area contains some of the Gulf's most prolific producing fields. Located predominately in the Ship Shoal and South Timbalier areas, the initial phase of Deep Resolve will re-examine a number of those fields as well as illuminate deeper highly prospective geological formations.

As evidenced by the ongoing success of TGS-NOPEC's newest Gulf of Mexico multi-client 2D project, "Phase 50", the deep shelf gas exploration play is one of the most active plays in North America. With longer offsets (9000 meters) and enhanced processing techniques the Deep Resolve 3D survey is designed to provide exploration and production geoscientists with the state-of-the-art tools necessary to evaluate the region for deeper hydrocarbon accumulations.

Due to the complexities of recording extremely long offsets in highly obstructed areas within the survey area, TGS-NOPEC has employed a two-vessel operation (the M/V Polar Search and the M/V Akademik Shatskiy) to acquire the 5,000 square kilometer inaugural phase of Deep Resolve.