Questerre Reports on Utica Test Results at St. Edouard #1 in Quebec

Questerre has reported on the Utica test results from the St. Edouard #1 well in the St. Lawrence Lowlands, Quebec.

The primary zone of interest within the middle Utica was fracture stimulated in late July. Over a 10-day test, the well flowed at initial rates of 2.6 mmcf/d with an average rate of over 700 mcf/d on a one-inch choke. The well is currently shut-in for buildup to gather additional pressure data.

Michael Binnion, President and Chief Executive Officer of Questerre, commented, "Another positive result from the middle Utica at St. Edouard #1 correlates with our results across the basin. We have now confirmed effective rock properties and encouraging stable gas rates for an area extending over 100 km from St. David #1 to St. Edouard #1."

Questerre and the operator are currently reviewing potential locations for horizontal wells adjacent to the existing vertical test wells. The Company expects the first horizontal well to be located at the St. Edouard #1 site with spud scheduled this fall.