HB Rentals Provides Heliport, Accommodations for Dolphin Platform

Offshore accommodation specialist, HB Rentals, a Superior Energy Services company, recently completed a total accommodations solutions contract for BG Trinidad announced HB Rentals President Deidre Toups.

The contract consisted of the demobilization, re-installation and commissioning of a 25-building accommodations package with heliport from the Dolphin to the Poinsettia platforms. Additionally, on the Dolphin platform, HB Rentals replaced the original accommodations package with a newly constructed heliport with five accommodations modules.

"This project exemplifies HB Rentals' cradle-to-grave project capabilities on a global basis," said Toups.

HB Rentals provided the engineering, design, fabrication and installation of the Civil Aviation Publication (CAP) 437-compliant heliport to accommodate a Sikorsky S-76 helicopter. The American Bureau of Shipping (ABS)-compliant accommodation modules were also designed, manufactured and installed by HB Rentals and included sleeper units, gyms, galleys, diners, offices and laundry rooms, as well as support frames to facilitate up to a 9-ft. cantilever off the platform.

The original 18-month contract with BG Trinidad has now been extended for an additional 24 months with an expanded scope.

"This long-term project has proven to be a success and has been instrumental in expanding our Latin American business," said Jude Primeaux, Director of Offshore Operations.

The company also provided all associated walkways and stairs to provide access to the accommodations as well as electrical power and distribution, a potable water maker, and a sewer treatment system.