Pioneer Makes Discovery on Tomahawk Prospect

Pioneer Natural Resources has made a discovery on its Tomahawk prospect in the Falcon Corridor in the East Breaks area of the deepwater Gulf of Mexico. Tomahawk is the second satellite discovery Pioneer is developing as a subsea tie-back to its Falcon field. The first satellite discovery, Harrier, is currently being completed with first production expected in early 2004. Following the Harrier completion, Pioneer plans to drill Raptor, another prospect in the Falcon Corridor.

To accommodate Falcon Corridor satellite production, an additional parallel pipeline connecting the Falcon field to the Falcon Nest platform on the Gulf of Mexico shelf is being added to the Falcon facilities doubling the capacity to 400 million cubic feet of gas per day. Pioneer expects combined daily gas production from Falcon and Harrier to reach approximately 275 million cubic feet per day leaving excess pipeline capacity to tie-in additional satellites such as Tomahawk and Raptor. Pioneer operates the Falcon subsea system and the Falcon Corridor fields with a 100% working interest.