TSMarine, DOF Subsea Team Up to Complete Longtom Installation

TSMarine Pty Ltd and DOF Subsea have teamed up to provide the Australian and Southeast Asian region with a new Dive Support Vessel (DSV) and associated project management and engineering services. The TSMarine DOF Subsea Joint Venture (JV) combines the 2007 built DP2 multi role DSV, the Rem Etive with the new build D300 12 man saturation diving spread to produce a modern highly specified and versatile DP DSV to service the regional market.

Underlining the value of this JV, the companies have been awarded a contract by Nexus Energy Ltd. to complete the Longtom Field Installation.

The work scope includes the final metrology then installation of 12 rigid tie-in spools and protection structures, installation of a flexible flowline jumper plus hydraulic and electrical flying leads followed by dewatering and hydrotesting of the Longtom pipeline. Saturation divers will be used for the majority of the work in 57m water depth.

The Longtom Field, located off the South East coast of Victoria in the Bass Strait in Australia, will be tied into the existing subsea Patricia Baleen development. The offshore work is expected to take approximately 30 days (excluding any allowance for weather downtime) and will commence immediately following the DSV Rem Etive's existing commitment performing a 42" - 24" hot tap and associated rigid spool tie-in's in Malaysia, the first project to be performed by the new joint venture company.

The DSV Rem Etive has a comprehensive NOPSA accepted Safety Case covering a wide range of offshore activities, a 300m rated 12 man saturation diving system with self launch HRD, two high specification work class ROVs with 3000 m depth capability, approximately 550m² clear back deck and a 140 tonne active heave compensated knuckle boom crane. The vessel has a significant track record of working in Australasia, including Bass Strait, and Southeast Asia.

The TSMarine DOF Subsea JV DSV Rem Etive offers the Australian and Southeast Asian region an unrivalled level of capability, specification, project management and engineering support to complete offshore projects.