Russneft Pumps Up Oil Production at Western Siberian Fields

Russneft is building up oil production at its Shapsha group of oil fields in Western Siberia (KhMAO-Yugra). During the seven months of 2009  oil production at the Shapsha group of oil fields has grown more than 2.7 times as compared with the analogous period of 2008 and has amounted to 522,460 tons. Average daily production in 2009 has reached 3,500 tons.

Russneft numbers the development of the Shapsha group of oil fields among the projects strategically important for the Company. The remaining recoverable resources of these oil fields exceed 80 million tons of oil. Further implementation of planned levels of development of these license areas will enable Russneft in the hear future to reach an annual output of 1.5 million tons. Development of all three oil fields is affected by a producing subsidiary of Russneft -- OAO Neftianaya Aktsionernaya Kompania Aki-Otyr.

Preparation for phased-in of the three oil fields -- Nizhne-Shapshinskoye, Sredne-Shapshinskoye , Verkhne-Sapshiskoye -- was completed in 2004-2005. During this period there were built the main objects of engineering infrastructure, which permitted to approach closely to industrial exploitation.

In 2006 oil production started at Nizhne-Shapshinskoye oil field. In spite of the global crisis which has considerably complicated implementation of large-scale investment projects, Russneft has made it possible to go on developing Shapsha group.

In the end of 2008 Verkhne-Shapshinskoye oil field was put into operation, and in May 2009 the Sredne-Shapshinskoye oil field followed. Further development of engineering infrastructure of the group is going on concomitantly.

In September the Company is planning to complete construction of a the motor road at Sredne-Shapshinskoye. It will become a necessary link in the chain of development of all the Shapsha group. Implementation of joint project for associated gas recovery with Monolit has now come to the final stage.

The Company is introducing at the Shapsha group of oil fields a complex program of production drilling. Only in 2008 the operation well-stock has doubled and now includes 59 wells. During the seven months of 2009 32 wells were put into exploitation from the operation drilling, out of which five are wells with horizontal bored sections. The last two horizontal wells, drilled at Nizhne-Shapshinskoye oil field, demonstrated good input flow rates at 120 tons of oil per day. For the total number of wells coming on stream in 2009, the Company is planning to put into operation 50 new wells.

Besides, Aki-Otyr is actively implementing the program of geological and engineering measures. Building up of the capacities of formation pressure maintenance system in spring 2009 secured stable functioning of the wells at Nizhne-Shapshinskoye oil field. Growth of formation pressure made it possible to increase oil flow rates from the wells drilled in the previous years.

At the same time Russneft continues further exploration of the oil fields of the Shapsha group. In 2009 3D seismic works were undertaken at Verkhne-Shapshinskoye oil field, and 105 square kilometers were explored. Preliminary results confirm the high potential of the Northern part of the Shapsha group of oil fields.