WellPoint Systems Releases WellPoint Intelligent Dashboard

WellPoint Systems has announced the release of the WellPoint Intelligent Dashboard. The WellPoint Intelligent Dashboard gives users easy point and click access to critical industry and company data -- all from a single, central point of access. It places powerful analytical reports and key performance indicators (KPI's) directly into the hands of executives and operations personnel who need to accurately measure financial, lease and production activity and performance.

"The Dashboard is a very important addition to the WellPoint line of products," said Richard Slack, President and CEO of WellPoint. "Research has shown that companies actively using dashboards are achieving higher performance than their peers and adding this feature to our product offering highlights our ongoing commitment to providing solutions that help our customers run their businesses better."

The Dashboard uses SQL Reporting Services and cube technology to aggregate data and measurements from WellPoint's software as well as third party applications. The system utilizes WellPoint's data and a standard SQL Datastore to produce Business Intelligence objects.

Customers can easily connect to their data in the WellPoint systems and any other SQL compliant system, allowing them to create intelligent dashboards, providing analysis and insightful reports in just a few clicks.