Pegasus Vertex's New Software Predicts Casing Wear

Casing wear can cause blowouts, production loss, and other hazardous and expensive problems. A better understanding and prediction of the casing wear would help identify, control and prevent potential problems.

Pegasus Vertex, Inc (PVI) has developed a software package to predict casing wear from drilling operations based on hole trajectory, wellbore structure, drillpipe configuration, and mud system, etc.

CWPRO highlights some key features including:

  • Land and offshore wells
  • 3D well path, up to 1,000 survey points
  • Survey tortuosity
  • Up to 10 different cased hole sections
  • Extensive tubular database

Handles the following operations

  1. Drilling
  2. Back reaming
  3. Rotation on bottom
  4. Rotation off bottom
  • Wear factor selection
  • Initial casing wear condition
  • 3D well path visualization
  • Casing wear schematics
  • Automatically export results into MS Word, PowerPoint
  • Operation animation