DMT Emerald Successfully Installs Subsea Equipment for Major Oil Co

Deep Marine Technology's 292ft DMT Emerald vessel has successfully installed a purpose built suction pile, subsea manifold, and tree for a major oil company utilizing its 100T Multi-purpose Tower. The suction pile, over 35ft tall and 15ft in diameter, was successfully over boarded in 4ft to 6ft seas and installed in under 12 hours.

The pile was landed at the desired location in 5,000 fsw, and completed in 66% of the allotted time given by the client.

The DMT Emerald crew additionally installed a manifold and set a tree. The manifold weighing over 35 tons was successfully installed onto the suction pile ahead of schedule and without any issues. The tree weighing 48 tons and measuring 15ft X 15ft X 20ft tall was set via keel haul transferred to the 100T Multi-purpose Tower. It was set in approximately 10 hours from water to landed, ahead of client expectations.

The DP II, DMT Emerald includes the 100T Multi-purpose Tower, a 100T Knuckle Boom Crane, a 23ft X 27ft moon pool, accommodations for 73, and is outfitted with two 150Hp, 10,000 fsw Triton® XLS work class Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs).