PSA Grants Lundin Consent for Exploration Drilling

Lundin Norway AS has received consent to conduct exploration drilling in the northern North Sea using the mobile facility Transocean Winner, the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway announced Saturday.

The consent relates to the drilling of exploration well 25/5-6, which is part of production license 363.

The well has the following geographical coordinates: N 59° 44' 18.80", E 02° 23' 52.47". The water depth at the site is 118 meters.

The plan calls for drilling to commence in late August/early September 2009. The expected duration of the drilling activity is 40 days.

Transocean Winner (photo) is a third-generation semi-submersible drilling facility of GVA-4000 design, built in 1983 at Goetaverken Arendal, in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The facility is owned by Transocean Offshore and operated by Transocean Offshore (North Sea) Ltd NUF, headquartered in Stavanger.