Nitro Petroleum Reworks Oklahoma Wells

Nitro Petroleum is in the process of remedial upgrades for Mason Burns # 2 and the Teresa # 1 wells. Nitro Petroleum is the operator on these two wells which are located in Garvin County, Oklahoma.

The Teresa well has now produced in excess of 5,000 barrels of oil and 44,000 MCF of natural gas from the Viola Limestone. The Viola will be acid injected to stimulate this production area. This is an industry standard rework procedure for the Viola Formation. The Company expects a rapid recovery of oil and gas flow following the acid flush.

Mason Burns # 2 is also on the remedial program. The well currently produces from the Bromide Sand Sequence and a remedial entry to flush and stimulate the zone is common with this formation. Nitro's geologist has identified a substantial Viola Limestone formation that lies behind pipe. Upon the ultimate depletion of the Bromide, the Company will re-enter, perforate and fracture the Viola. The Company expects this to extend our production for several years from this well.