ATP Wins Patent Award for ATP Titan's Innovative Design

ATP is the recipient of a 2008 Best Patents Award presented by the Buskop Law Group in a competition recognizing superior technological creativity. A distinguished group of industry representatives selected the several winners from 63 patent nominees. Patents were judged on creativity, technical design, and value to the industry.

Dr. Robert M. Shivers III, ATP's Vice President of Projects, was recognized for his innovative design of a ram-type tensioner assembly with accumulators to be utilized on the ATP Titan floating drilling and production unit. "This ram-type tensioner assembly will support the top tensioned risers for drilling and permanent production on the ATP Titan," stated Dr. Shivers. "ATP is proud to be recognized for its technical knowledge and innovation which has been instrumental in the company's continuing success." ATP currently holds eight issued patents and has six other patents pending for the pioneering of innovative designs and processes.