Valhall Injection Platform Installed

The close to 10000 tons topside module was successfully placed on the jacket Tuesday evening August 12th at 21:00 hours by the heavy lift vessel Saipem 7000. Prior to this the unique and demanding installation of the Piggy Back and new piles had been successfully completed.

"This is a great achievement and the teams involved have performed their jobs in a highly professional and very cooperative manner. None of these operations are routine and the Piggy Back installation is the first one of its kind and reflects innovation and progressive application of technology. This solution made it possible to achieve the installation 12-18 months ahead of the schedule associated with replacing the jacket," says George Pettigrew WIP Project General Manager.

Saipem 7000 is scheduled to depart Valhall on Friday 15th, potentially Thursday 14th August, once the jacket legs have been welded to topsides and the installation aids have been removed.

The Rigmar flotel is in the Valhall field and will move into WP on 15 August weather permitting to provide beds for extra crew needed for mechanical completion work including commissioning and handover to operations and drilling. The flotel will be on the field until end of this year. The WIP & systems are expected to be ready for handover late October while drilling systems takes place in November.