Freedom Financial Holdings to Present Heavy Oil Tech to Kuwait Oil Co.

Freedom Financial Holdings CEO Brian Kistler announced that Freedom Energy International, the Company's wholly owned subsidiary dealing with Heavy-oil conversion technology, has been invited to conduct a live demonstration to members of the Kuwait Oil Company (KOC).

Kistler commented, "The opportunity this presents for Freedom is enormous. Freedom Energy International's proposal was submitted to the KOC's Research and Technology Group in April 2009. Sami Wanis, President of Maximus International, a subsidiary of Middle East Contractors and Consultants (MECC) and a partner with Al-Thurya Company, a Kuwaiti royal family company, has worked closely with members of the Kuwaiti Royal Family for several years and has been very instrumental assisting Freedom through the process and to the point of receiving an invitation to demonstrate KC 9000(TM) to the KOC."

"Billions of dollars have been spent over the last decade searching for a cost-effective means of working with 'Heavy Oil' both above ground and beneath the surface. The concern for the shrinking supply of light crude oil has demanded that the vast amounts of 'Heavy Oil' in the world be tapped into. Knowing where the oil is located, getting the oil out of the ground and refining the oil in a cost-effective manner fits right into KC 9000(TM)," continued Kistler.

"It has been my pleasure to work with Freedom Energy International. Once approved for sponsorship, Freedom Energy International, Inc. will be able to establish joint venture operations in Kuwait, working closely with members of the Kuwait Oil Company and Kuwait National Petroleum Company," stated Wanis.