BGP Wraps Up 3D Seismic Survey for Chevron in China

BGP has completed a 3D seismic survey awarded by Chevron in Sichuan Province, the first project that BGP has ever conducted for Chevron.

The prospect was located in the mountains, with rough terrain and dense vegetation. Rivers and valleys crossed the work area. Climbing coaches and first-aid personnel were on hand at all times when the crew was working on the cliffs.

With experience in mountain work, advanced acquisition technology, excellent personnel, and strict HSE management, BGP met the client's requirements in the area.

At the celebration ceremony, Mr. Jesse Noah, the exploration manager of Chevron South-Asia, awarded BGP crew 2100 a certificate of appreciation for operating 1.5 Million man-hours without an LTI. Mr. David Nelson, the vice president of Chevron China, claimed that BGP is qualified for an A grade for their excellent operation and strict management.