Niche Expands Production Capacity for GOM

Niche Products has announced the addition of Pelagic 100 high temperature water based control fluid to our local US manufacturing capabilities. Pelagic 100 is the most recent product within the Pelagic range to be manufactured in the US and joins Pelagic SST umbilical storage fluid and Pelagic water glycol mixes already available for bulk supply Ex Works Houston.

The recent delivery of over 28,000 gallons of Pelagic 100 to Aker Solutions for the Cascade/Chinook project was accomplished using locally blended Pelagic 100 Control Fluid and all future bulk deliveries in the region will be supplied via our Houston facility.

Tom McKechnie of Niche Products stated, "With the success we have enjoyed over the last 12 months here in the U.S. it has become increasingly obvious that to cope with product demand, we would need to upgrade our local manufacturing capability. As a result, we accelerated our long term strategic plan to manufacture locally and now have the ability to produce the full line of Pelagic production control products here in the U.S. The feedback and support from customers has been very positive and without a doubt, our ability to produce locally has significantly strengthened our supply chain for both North and South America."