Jingemia 12 Development Well Cased, Completed as Oil Producer

Origin Energy, on behalf of the L14 Joint Venture parties, advised that the Jingemia 12 oil development well has been cased and completed as an oil producer.

WDI Rig 826 was released at 14.30 hrs WST on August 9, 2009.

Well Type and Location

Located in North Perth Basin, Western Australia (L14), the Jingemia 12 surface location is approximately 80m south of the Jingemia 11 surface location. The target location is 150m NNE of the Jingemia 11 intersection with the Dongara Sandstone target horizon.

Initial Interests:

  • Origin Energy developments Pty Limited 49.189%
  • ARC Energy Limited 44.141%
  • Victoria Petroleum Offshore Pty Ltd 5.00%
  • Norwest Energy NL 1.278%
  • Roc Oil (WA) Pty Limited 0.25%
  • John K Geary 0.142%