Fort Worth Based Operator Implements Powerwave in Permian Basin

Wavefront Technology Solutions announced that Powerwave is being implemented in a West Texas waterflood to improve injection performance.

Secondary oil recovery is a technique where water is injected into a reservoir to increase pressure in order to mobilize oil that has ceased to flow under natural pressure gradients. The principal benefit of Powerwave for this client is the improvement of injection rate to expedite reservoir re-pressurization. Injection rate is one of the keys to success of any flooding program, as rate is proportional to offsetting fluid production. Meaningful oil production will only be realized from any flooding approach when pressure is re-established in the reservoir by refilling the pore space depleted of fluid during primary production activities. The faster the "bath tub" can be filled, the earlier production enhancement may be obtained. Powerwave improves both injection rate as well as fluid distribution throughout the reservoir, leading to greater ultimate oil recovery.

"Wavefront is very pleased to add this Fort Worth operator to the growing number of Powerwave adopters," said Wavefront President and CEO Brett Davidson. "The Permian Basin represents a significant opportunity for Wavefront where more than 10,000 injection wells exist for water and CO2 injection. Wavefront will continue to actively pursue Powerwave contracts in the region and we look forward to future project announcements."