New Streamlined Service of WellEz.NET Launched

WellEz Information Management has launched a new service level for WellEz.NET. This new service level offers all of the rich data management and reporting capabilities of WellEz.NET with a standard set of reports that are implemented quickly and cost-effectively. This new service has been designed for those operators that do not require their field reports to be customized and desire a streamlined implementation. Cost savings are passed on to the client using pre-configured reports. With this new service, WellEz.NET can be made operational for any client in less than two days. All of WellEz.NET’s strong capabilities of partner and internal reporting are available with this new service.

WellEz.NET is based on Software-as-a-Service, which enables clients to pay for only what they use, during the time that they use the service. This eliminates the cost of installation and maintenance of expensive software.

“Many operators have a strong feeling about the exact report forms they use while other operators do not have the same requirements”, says Charles Jeffery, President and CEO. “We are glad to accommodate both types. WellEz.NET provides customizable data collection forms and reports, where reports in our new service are based on a uniform configuration. Having served the field reporting needs of many E&P companies, we are confident that the preconfigured reports now available with this new service level will meet the reporting requirements of operators desiring a streamlined implementation. As the business demands grow we will continue to develop offerings that best suit each client.”