International Firm Hopes to Find Oil, Natural Gas in Northeast Slovenia

In September the Slovenian branch of international company Nemmoco is to start seismic surveying in the northeastern region of Prekmurje, where they hope to find oil and natural gas.

Nemmoco Slovenia Corporation's branch from the town of Lendava in Prekmurje will perform seismic survey on some 200 square kilometers of Filovsko polje in order to find fields of hydrocarbon, oil and natural gas.

However, before getting down to work, the company, owned by an English oil and gas exploration and production company Ascent Resources, must first obtain permissions from the landowners.

The company will carry out what is termed 3D measurements; a machine would stop for a few minutes every 50 meters and install a probe cable. Such measurements have not yet been performed in Slovenia, Joze Hozjan of Nemmoco Slovenia Corporation said.

Hozjan added that the project is very complex and extensive, but the procedure itself is very secure: "During the works there will be no radiation or use of chemicals and the measurements will leave no trace behind."

The Slovenian government has granted a concession to search for oil and natural gas in Prekmurje to the local company Nafta Geoterm, which is taking part in the project.

According to business daily Finance, the project is worth several million euros. In case the seismic survey is successful, two test wells will be drilled next year, most likely in June, the daily said on Tuesday.

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