Gulf Canada Ties In Second Well in Q4-A Field

Gulf Canada Resources Limited announced today the tie-in of a second well to the Q4-A production facility. Following on the successful start-up of the Q4-A field announced earlier this year, the company is pleased to announce that a second well has been drilled, completed and tied in to the existing platform. The Q4-A2 well began production on February 21 at initial rates of 23 mmcf/d, unstimulated from only one of two productive zones at this time.

With the addition of the Q4-A2 well, the Q4-A gas field is currently producing at a rate of 67 mmcf/d. Gulf's share is approximately 20 mmcf/d.

Gulf Canada Resources Limited, through its wholly owned subsidiary Clyde Petroleum Exploratie B.V. is the operator of the block and holds a 29.85 per cent interest in the field. The other partners are CLAM Petroleum B.V., Dyas B.V. and EBN B.V.