Turkey Says Gas Pipelines Not Rivals But

Turkish diplomatic sources said on Friday, August 7, that Turkey was not a partner of the South Stream project, and the Nabucco project was still a priority for the country.

Commenting on the recent news claiming that Nabucco project would lose its significance after the cooperation agreements on energy signed by Turkish and Russian premiers recently, diplomatic sources said Turkey had never seen Nabucco and South Stream projects as rivals of each other but it accepted the two initiatives as complementary projects.

Expressing Nabucco's importance and priority for Turkey, officials said that Turkey was a partner in Nabucco project, however there was not such a partnership in South Stream.

The protocols recently signed with Russia will not put Nabucco in the background, officials added.

Sources also emphasized that the recent developments would neither change Nabucco's priority nor Turkey's energy route.

On the other hand, Turkey's support to the South Stream project aims at drawing Russia's attention to the Samsun-Ceyhan pipeline, officials said.

Russia, which has not previously shown any interest in Samsun-Ceyhan pipeline project aiming at easing the load on Turkish Straits, entered into an engagement due to the protocols it signed with Turkey yesterday, sources added.

According to officials, Turkey, which desires to turn its southern Ceyhan town into an energy centre with the launching of Samsun-Ceyhan pipeline project, managed to provide Russia's participation in the project thanks to the talks held and protocols signed yesterday.

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