Wintershall Delineates Small Oil Discovery in North Sea

Wintershall Norge ASA, operator of production license 037 D, has concluded the drilling of appraisal wells 33/9-21 S, 33/9-21 A and 33/9-21 B on the minor oil discovery 33/9-6 Delta, which has commenced test production.

Mobil Development Norway A/S made the discovery in 1976 in Middle Jurassic reservoir rocks in production license 037. The resource estimate before the appraisal wells were drilled was 0.14 million Sm3 of recoverable oil. The discovery is located about 5 km northeast of the Murchison field in the North Sea.

The objective of the wells was to delineate the 33/9-6 Delta oil discovery. The wells encountered oil in Middle Jurassic reservoir rocks and the oil/water contact was established at the expected depth. A successful formation test was conducted. In the initial phase of the test production, the maximum production rate is 190 Sm3 oil per flow day through a 10/64-inch nozzle opening.

Well 33/9-21 B, which has a total length of 6882 meters, has now been completed and has been placed in a six-month test production period under the well designation 33/9-T-21. The Ministry of Petroleum and Energy has approved the application for test production of up to 500,000 barrels of oil (about 0.08 million Sm3) during the course of a period of up to six months. Extensive data acquisition and sampling will be carried out during the test production period.

These are the second, third and fourth exploration wells in production license 037 D, which was carved out of production license 037 in 2004.

Wells 33/9-21 S, -21 A and -21 B were drilled to vertical depths of 3048, 2971 and 2981 meters, respectively, in the Etive formation in the Middle Jurassic (33/9-21 S), and in the Heather formation in the Upper Jurassic (33/9-21 A and B).

The wells were drilled from the Murchison platform, where the water depth is 156 meters.