Ecopetrol, Worker Unions Continue Negotiation Pow-Wow

Ecopetrol and its three existing union organizations, USO, Adeco and Sindispetrol, have agreed to extend negotiations for 20 days as of August 3. This extension is within the maximum mandatory legal terms.

The first phase of the negotiation process began on July 14 and would have expired on August 2. During the first 20 days of the direct settlement stage the unions have made public their claims and, in some cases, partial agreements have been achieved and were recorded in the process minutes.

Ecopetrol is confident that during the extension period agreements will be reached thus enabling the company to have a new Collective Bargain Agreement that will benefit its workers and assure the sustained growth of Ecopetrol.

Discussions have been held within an environment of respect that will translate in further building trust among the company, its employees and the country.